Dental Headlights

Dental HeadlightsOur dental headlights provide a true natural light that delivers superior brightness, sharpness, and field depth; allowing for enhanced procedural outcomes.

Having proper lighting during procedures and examinations is crucial to ensuring that critical details are not overlooked by the naked eye. While magnification may enhance your viewing field; proper lighting will work to eliminate shadows that may impede your field of view.

Lightweight Dental Headlights

Lighting systems that can be mounted to dental loupes can vary greatly between vendors. Attachment options include headbands and clipping onto standard loupes and safety shields. Most operator lights have a cable that connects to a rechargeable battery pack; however, there are a few cordless options on the market. The battery packs for these operator lights often fully charge in 2-5 hours. LED lighting is by far the most popular choice among operator lights for dental loupes. LED lights give cool, natural light and last much longer than halogen. Most lamps are lightweight, usually around a ½ ounce; some can even be lighter than ¼ ounce. Light intensity can vary between products, so if there is a specific candlepower you are looking for be sure and inquire. When choosing an operator lamp for dental loupes, illumination, product quality, comfort and ease of use should all be considered.