Dental Hygienist Loupes

At Eclipse Loupes and Products, we work to empower dental hygienists and therapists with the proper tools to promote a long and healthy career. Focusing on advanced product performance and clinician-first features, we have developed a complete line of dental hygienist loupes, surgical headlights, safety eyewear, and ergonomic seating.

Dental hygienists are on the front lines in the battle against poor oral health. Through proper diagnosis and counseling, they define the path to exceptional preventative care and sustainable hygiene.

Stylish Dental Hygienist Loupes

Loupes and headlights are rapidly becoming the standard of care among dental hygienists and assistants. Wearing dental loupes and headlights improves visualization as well as working posture. As a result, musculoskeletal stress is reduced with less chance of neck and back problems that can shorten career longevity.

Lifetime warranty on all Loupes