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Choosing designer Ray-ban loupes for dentistry, veterinary or surgical purposes is the perfect way to set yourself apart from the more traditional frame style. Ray-ban eyewear has the iconic styles that made the brand a classic, with new and fresh styles to win over a whole new generation. Explore Ray-Ban frames with TTL loupes on the Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Carbon Racer, Louis and more.

Designer Ray-Ban Loupes for Healthcare Professionals

The iconic Ray-Ban products have long set industry style standards for its timeless, retro aesthetic, setting itself apart from standard frames with the original Wayfarer Classic. The Wayfarer is arguably the most recognizable pair of sunglasses since frames were invented. Starting with General Douglas MacArthur then made popular again by movie stars like Peter Fonda, many celebrities around the world over have defined their personal style by with a pair of Ray-Bans. These recognizable frames continue to be popular today. This company founded in 1936 offers distinctive frames that speak to different fashion sensibilities. The Clubmaster is to the cultural intellectual and the Wayfarer is to anyone with an exquisite sense of design. The Carbon Racer is to expressionism and Louis have a vintage look beloved by intellectuals and millionaires alike.

The History of Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban originally achieved fame with the introduction of its classic distinctive Aviator sunglasses in the 1930s. The polarized lens were developed as lightweight protective eyewear to help military pilots safely and accurately at high altitudes with the harsh glare of the sun. The original Aviator lenses were engineered with mineral glass, a revolutionary material that blocks out UV rays. In the early 50s, Ray-Ban introduced its legendary Classic Wayfarer, forever changing the way people viewed sunglasses. Decades later Ray-ban is still leading the way with consistent quality and ahead-of-the-curve styles, Ray-Ban has evolved into a premiere fashion brand that can be spotted anywhere from the Hollywood runway to the everyday suburban driveway.

Designer Ray-Ban Loupes for Men & Women

We offer an extensive selection of designer frames for both men and women. Our friendly, professional staff will be glad to help you select the most distinguished frame that fits your style. Top quality, stylish and trendy, are what you can expect from the iconic Ray-ban brand. Contact us today to purchase your designer Ray-ban frames for loupes.



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