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Micro TTL Loupes

Our Micro TTL Loupes (Through-the-Lens) are light weight and comfortable. The magnification ranges from 2.0x to 3.8x which is popular with dentist, hygienist, surgeons, veterinarians and other professionals looking for a quality light weight loupes with strong depth of view. Our TTL loupes are ergonomically designed to help diminish neck and back pain. This enhances the quality of care with the use of enlarged vision.


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  • Magnification Range: 2.0X – 3.8X
  • Field of View: Medium
  • Depth of View: Strong
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Frame Options: Ray-Ban Frame, E2 Frame, Titanium Frame, Wrap Frame and Bike Frame
  • Very Lightweight and Ergonomic
  • Lifetime Warranty!