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Standard Flip-Up Loupes

Our Standard Flip-Up Loupes has the functionality to be “flipped-up” out of your field of view, which then can be used as simple safety glasses. The convenience of these loupes are commonly used by the dental, veterinary and surgical industries. We offer many frame styles and colors to choose from, to fit any professionals personal style and fashion.

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  • Magnification Range: 2.0X – 3.0X
  • Field of View: Large
  • Depth of View: Very Long
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Frame Options: Fit Frame, Sport Frame, Titanium, Aluminum, Wrap Frame, Bike Frame, Half Frame, Hogies and Smith & Wesson.
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic
  • Sit and stand position without changing loupes
  • Lifetime Warranty!